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The Grant DyNasty dilemma


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As a child, my brother and I always played through Castlevania III, one of the greats. As we all know though, there's a flaw. If you go through the clocktower and take Grant, you then are later required to tell one of the special partners goodbye, basically tossing them off as a has been or an ex. 

How does everyone feel about this? Am I just too soft, or does anyone else feel bad turning down one of the helpers?

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Honestly it never bothered me.  I'd stick with or go towards whoever I wanted to use as the game would be played out.  Grant was never a favorite given his strange jump and tiny range, but the latch on was pretty nice when it worked well.  I was more into using the other two so I'd usually run that route unless I felt the need to do the clock tower as it's more of an odd distraction.

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Yeah , eventually we'd just skip the clocktower as well to avoid the whole thing (plus we both like the beginning sequence of the forest stage, which gets skipped if you do the clocktower). Same as you, my brother and I preferred the other two helpers, him with Sypha and me with Alucard.

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2 hours ago, fox said:

Picked up The Castlevania Collection on sale to play the Japanese version.

Picked up Grant.  He uses the throwing knife as his default attack and his jumping/climbing make him BA.

Alacard is cool.

Sypha seemed the least useful

Yes, Grant on the Famicom version makes the game almost too easy, with his regular attack.

I used to have a Game Genie code so I could play as two of the helpers, ditching Trevor.

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