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Nes pre deluxe paperwork/ROB


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Hey guys, I just scored a really nice pre deluxe box with the large game plan poster, rob manual and glasses. Can anyone else tell me/show pictures of what other paperwork came inside the box? I believe there was a small 1985 rob poster, the white certificate seal paper and I guess a couple more pieces. Along with a baggy they all went in I’m sure. I have a sub 50k console and both matte sticker seal games to go inside.


Also curious about the rob, do they have different dates on them? To know if one came with a pre deluxe or not?


Finally if you have any leads on any of these pieces or have them yourselves send me a message as I’d be interested in them. Thank you in advance for any help!

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Okay thank you, I imagine that full page warranty sheet will be a hard piece to find, I have a pair of sealed rob glasses so I’m ahead on that. I also have the seal of quality, large rob poster and rob manual along with the bag that paperwork came in. I only really need a nice rob and hoping to find one with all the bags. I also just picked up the thin styrofoam piece that’s the size of a piece of paper that lays on the top of the console since they didn’t come with a console bag.


If there’s anything else not mentioned let me know. I would imagine these had the same twist ties that the later ones did also and bags that the controllers and cables came in?

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Here is mine:  all contents. mine was bought like 5 years ago and wasn't pieced together either, so Im guessing this is pretty close ( wish the guy hadn't tossed the warranty card 😡)

1) Manual Bag (single large hole, no red writing on it, like the warning to do not choke)

2) Rob system manual, no code

3) 26 game Large Poster

4) Rob Glasses w.sheet, stapled inside bag

5) Gold seal of quality card

6) Warranty card w/matching serial,   or at a minimum no year code on the bottom that is past 1985

7) NES console, in bag (again no red writing).  like serial less than 100K

8. Foam liner between console and below contents

9) ROB controller tray (no bag)

10) ROB red/blue attachment (no bag)

11) ROB hands, in bag, no twist tie

12) 2x gyro spinners w. cardboard top , no bag

13) Battery attachment, w.bag, no twist

14) 2 x controllers, both in a bag, -  cords twisty tied , in a bag, then twisty tied shut

15) VHF match box w/ other adapter, in bag stapled shut

16) A/V red yellow cable, twisty tied shut, in a bag stapled shut

17) RF cable in a bag, cable is twisty tied, but not the bag

18) Gray Zapper  no NES-R, in bag - cable twisty tied, in a bag, twisty tied close

19) Power Brick in bag, cable twisty tied, bag not

20) ROB in bag

21). Gyromite -  Box Sticker seal matte - game 5 screw, no nes-tm, I open the boards and make sure a 85 date - manual does have year, caution highlighted

22) Duck Hunt - Box Sticker seal matte - game 5 screw, no nes-tm, 85 date board - manual does have the year.

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Thank you for the detail on this, it’s very helpful. Did you happen to snap any pictures when you went through this? Based off the info the guy I bought it from, who also has another one but his is 100% as he hardly used it as a kid as he was always playing on his cousins and his sat untouched for the most part per him. He said the console had no bag and the manuals and papers had red lettering on the bag. Also that the warranty paperwork had two pages and the second had the matching serial number as it was a contest back then to get the warranty and then one winner was picked to win the nes library at the time which was 17 or so games as the story goes.


Im also going to ask the previous owner if he can get me pictures of his.

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