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Archon's Rad Howard and Nester Thread!

Art of Nintendo Power

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I've been lucky enough to acquire... a lot... of Howard and Nester production material. No original art as of yet, but lots of Faxed Roughs, Scripts, and correspondence. Enough material that I'll be able to give you a pretty clear picture as to how the comic was made. Having said that, there are some rules ya'll are going to have to live with.

  • Please don't ask me if I have X strip. I'm going to post everything I have eventually.And I will let you know when I've posted everything. Be patient 🙂 
  • Any names or personal information are going to be redacted. This was a request by the source of the material. Sorry. Know that I am not redacting originals, just the digital copies.
  • I'm placing a small watermark on each page to protect the validity of the "original" copies. I'm not going to be responsible for creating a counterfeit market.

Prince of Persia Roughs: https://www.videogamesage.com/topic/1525-archons-rad-howard-and-nester-thread/

Lone Ranger Script (Unpublished Version): https://www.videogamesage.com/topic/1525-archons-rad-howard-and-nester-thread/?do=findComment&comment=27328

Lone Ranger Revised Script (Reflecting the departure of Howard Phillips): https://www.videogamesage.com/topic/1525-archons-rad-howard-and-nester-thread/?do=findComment&comment=27341


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Here we have an UNPUBLISHED script for the Lone Ranger comic. This strip was the last Howard and Nester before Howard Phillips left the company. However; when this first draft was written, the writer didn't KNOW Howard was leaving. So this draft doesnt mention it at all!


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5 minutes ago, Richardhead said:

I'm glad there is someone out there collecting and saving these pieces of history. The oddball shit you come up with is the coolest stuff around, much better than all those graded and sealed sealed games 😃

Thanks for sharing this stuff in many places. It's much appreciated.

Aw thanks man. I always like being appreciated. Finding this stuff take a looooooooooooot of time and a not zero amount of money, so I'm happy that people are enjoying it.

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