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Switch Console No Dock


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I'd base a percentage of it on depending how close to full price does the Switch still sell for, then remove the price of the dock alone from Nintendo to replace it which appears to be 40.  So like if a refurb switch is 225 and a dock is 40, you need to come in under Gamestop at 225 and enough it's worth it to the buyer not to just buy from them and make the second order with Nintendo which is more work on their part.  I'd think $150 FIRM knowing someone will have to push it nearly to 200 if not more with that 225 being the easy way out with gamestop.

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Nintendo will replace joy-cons for free no warranty or proof of purchase Needed.  Nintendo is still selling the older model switches at full price with the Mario Kart 8 bundle for $300.

$150 firm sounds more than fair.  That plus $40 dock gets you a full switch set for cheaper than the Lite.

What is the condition?  Condition would be a factor, since but it’s a member I’m guessing good condition, but if you already put 100s of hours into it maybe not.

On the home brew end what firmware are you up to?  The lower the firmware, the more you can do.  The various updates have been trying to stamp it out.

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