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Well I guess all game markets have NOT burst?! Killer Instinct NFR just went for +$1,500!


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I’m still in shock over this one.  For most of the time this auction got up to $150ish.  I had a Gixen bid locked in higher than that but hole-E cow, this thing set record.  To my knowledge, I don’t think a single, non-proto cartridge for the Game Boy has gone for this much.  I was not expecting this.

Just like me having a Gixen bid locked in, I’m guessing others did too because the price got up to $255 at about 10 seconds before the end.  It appeared to stay there until the auction ended and then after the final refresh, I saw this.  Makes me wonder if the buyer had immediate remorse because a bid over $1,000 feels like someone wanting to be sure they won, but entering a price no one would offer.

Well, it’s official.  If this is the future trend for this cart, I will NOT be completing my license set with NFRs


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