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NBA Jam SNES- play as Barkley version

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Does anyone know anything about the specifics of the “play as Barkley” version of NBA Jam for snes? For example, on a sealed copy, how do you know it’s a Barkley version? Also, does anyone know how common the Barkley version is for CIB? Few if any of the listings on eBay are ever specific enough to mention if it’s a Barkley or Majerle version, but I’ve only seen Majerle. Thanks

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So I have the Barkley version (top photo). The back of the box, underneath “made in Japan”, the paragraph line is straight. I find it interesting though that Heritage recently listed one with “Majerle version” and that paragraph line is indented (bottom photo). If you go back to their older auctions, they’re listing that same “Majerle version” as early production. However, the later production version is the one that swapped Barkley for Majerle. Whoever bought those heritage “early productions” got effed because they’re holding the later Majerle version.





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