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**TurboGrafx-16 Weekly Contest Rules & Results 2023/2024**


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Hello and welcome to the TurboGrafx-16 weekly contest!  It's like the weekly contest from last year, except every game is for TurboGrafx-16.  There won't be a running leaderboard this time, but I will track the results of each week here.  This will be a ten week event.  When the rules are posted each week, the game for the following week will be revealed here.



Week 1: Bonk's Adventure (December 31 to January 7)
          1. Dr. Morbis (1,300 points)

Week 2: Super Star Soldier (January 7 to January 14)
          1. 540,300 (Dr. Morbis)
          2. 340,300 (Splain)

Week 3: Time Cruise (January 14 to January 21)
         1. 2,741,600 (a3quit4s)
         2. 1,072,500 (Splain)

Week 4: Victory Run (January 21 to January 28)
         1. -17'35" (a3quit4s)
         2. -20'42" (Splain)

Week 5: Drop Off (January 28 to February 4)
         1.  6,190 ( Splain)
         2. 4,350 (a3quit4s)

Week 6: China Warrior (February 4 to February 11)
        1.  27,500 (Splain)
        2. 15,700 (a3quit4s)

Week 7: Sinistron (February 11 to February 18)
       1. 43,900 (Splain)
       2. 17,200 (a3quit4s)

Week 8: Time Cruise (February 18 to February 25)
      1. 1,520,000 (a3quit4s)
      2. 1,040,000 (Splain)

Week 9: Chase H.Q. (February 25 to March 3)
     1.  301,850 (a3quit4s)
     2. 241,820 (Splain)

Week 10: New Adventure Island (March 3 to March 10)

     1. 13,900 (Splain)


-Contest is open to all members of Video Game Sage.

-  In order to submit a score for the contest, post a picture of it in the thread for that week.  Take a picture of your score with your Video Game Sage user name written or typed on a piece of paper, which must be present in the picture. Your Video Game Sage user name MUST be in the picture or the score will be invalid.

- Previously obtained scores are not acceptable as submissions.  You must play the game during the week it has been selected.

- When posting a new score, please begin your post by typing out your score.  Larger font (18pt) is preferred.

- If you are posting an updated score, please create a new post with your new score and delete the picture from your previous post with the old score.  You may also edit your initial post with the new photo and score.

- It is highly encouraged to play with original software on original hardware, if possible.  NTSC only.  No PAL.

- This is a contest of skill, so using any sort of device or feature that would give you an advantage over another player is prohibited.   Examples include, but not limited to, cheat devices, save states, altered ROMs, and remapped controllers.  If turbo functions are permitted, t will be specified in the contest thread.  The use of glitches to alter your score is also not allowed.  Any other glitches will be examined on a case-by-case basis to determine whether or not they will be permitted.  Any glitches discovered by participants must be reported and approved for use before submitting a score using them.

- Although not required, I would encourage participants not to practice a game in advance.

- Have fun!

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