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Washington/Oregon attractions


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This upcoming spring my wife and I are going to be traveling out west and spending some time in Washington/Oregon. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for things to do or even things we should pass on? We’re pretty open to any and all experiences. We like nature stuff a lot! 

also looking for recommendations for retro game shops 😅

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Editorials Team · Posted

For Seattle you can walk around the West end of town, see the Space Needle,Pikes Market, Rock n Roll museum, etc.

But my low-key fun thing to do is walk the "ave" up over by U of Washington.  Tons of ethnic restaurants to check out.  It's also where Pink Gorilla is located. 

Microbreweries are a short walk away.

And if you're feeling macabre, you can see the house where Layne Staley lived his final days.

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Rain forest on Peninsula

Hot springs

Crater Lake 

Whistler in BC is a major spot if you are into skiing/snowboarding

That one weird mountain with the weird energy where all the weird stuff happens.  (I can't remember the name, the name must have fallen through a portal.)

Seward Park has nesting Bald Eagles.

If you get lucky you may see a whale surface in the Sound.

Mt Si is a popular day hike just outside of Seattle.  It's about 4k ft.

Seattle restaurants are hit and miss and that's putting it optimistically in my opinion.  Believe it or not Tacoma has tons of great hole in the wall restaurants that will serve you much better food for far less money.  A lot of places in Seattle you are paying for location and the food is crap.

If you like books there is a massive bookstore in Portland - Powell's Books - Also, Ground Kontrol Arcade Bar is 7 blocks from this book store.

Not sure which direction your coming from but every time I ate while passing through Western Montana it was amazingly good.

Record Collecting Paradise.

And of course, if you are into it, there are a few locations for fans of Twin Peaks to visit, namely, the Diner, The Hotel and the Roadhouse.

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