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NES Custom/Limited Release Valuation?


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Back when NA was still around, I had purchased a bunch of various custom/limited release games from a gentleman over there.  I've pretty much moved on from collecting (I have a few games CIB that will always be in my cabinet), so I've been attempting to determine if these are of any real value or not.  Really appreciate the help!



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It's hard to find any reference sales on eBay since most are coming up as Famicom.  The one I'm MOST curious about is Portopia.  Even the Famicom game goes for a decent amount, but I've never seen anything about the version I have.  I may keep it in my cabinet since it's such a bizarre piece and one almost nobody else on the planet has, haha.

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Homebrew Team · Posted

The Incident, one of my favorites, is no longer for physical sale though you can buy it digitally.  You can get face value or above in the right market. 

Battle Kid sold huge numbers and was available for a long time.  I don't think it is currently for sale, so you can probably get similar to the above.

Lizard is still available, but you have the Kickstarter LE version, so I would say you can still get good money for that one. 

Swords and Runes is still available for sale.

American Dream, B-Wings, Road Fighter, Portopia Serial Murder, Samurai Pizza Cats...   IMO no longer have a large market,  I think overall buyers have moved away from limited editions of pirate NES releases of Famicom games. I could be wrong though.  

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