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It would be nice to know more about this game it's specific to access each title?


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This game is out of the ordinairy to me I was able to access every game if anyone is wondering. But I am at odds if any others own something of this sort and gave it a play like me entirely by chance. I am at much and this is just one game of many to post for now, thanks for any help in the comments. To add I can only say it's interesting over-all more than most!


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Bit Corp 16 in 1 multicart with dip switches. Gonna be nrom games on there. Iirc a lot of them have the title screens hacked into alternative names with "small fonts" as opposed to the real logos. Ice Climber would be Eskgimo or something like that, for example.

Cart contains 16 actual games, switch between the games by moving the dipswitches.

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