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"I started making this C64 game in 1984. It’s time to finish it!"

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I didn't get a computer in my home until I was 16 (which was 1997).  Right away I wanted to do something but all I had was Q-Basic.

I kept the source for a long time for all of my early projects and the last place I'm aware of that it ended up on was a 100MB Zip disk.  My zip drive died and I think I tossed the discs, which saddens me.  It also had some papers I'd written in college.

I'd still love to see that source though.  One application I wrote (because I was a math nerd, first, before a computer nerd) was a spirograph program, where I'd adjust the radius of inner and outer circles and then spin the one around another, drawing from a point to point, from each iteration.  It was poorly optimized but worked like a charm.  I really wish I had that code, though I could simulate it easy enough.

My next project was to try to make "Fireworks" where I'd slowly draw a line on a screen to a random point, and then have it "burst" with short lines spreading out in arcs, and the sparkles would be affected by gravity.  I only half-finished that one before I went to college and at that point, I had friends and other things to occupy my time.  I really wish I had that code, and I'd love to finish it just to reconnect with those old times and when discovering how to make things with a computer was exciting.

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