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Change a CRT's audio/video?


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Depends on the TV, and it's not easy. I would not do it unless you know exactly what you're doing. TVs can send a sizable jolt through their circuitry if you touch the wrong thing.

If you want a simple fix, they make composite to RF converters. If you have an old VCR gathering dust in the basement and it has a composite in, that should work, too.

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Conversions are hard for it without mod work. Available mods are dependent on the model of the tv, each one is very different. If you are technical, the best place to start is to find a service manual. Some televisions can be modified to take in RGB, but in terms of composite or component, odds you are out of luck. I would find a CRT community such as the ones on reddit to see if they have more information. 

If you aren't technical, odds are there are no easy/plug and play solutions. You might have to source a new television set. You can try converting using a modulator, but it wouldn't be the world's greatest picture quality.

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