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2014-2017ish Store Posters are they worthless?


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I love store posters- and in local deal I got a ton of circa 2014-2017 Store posters. Since posting all at once is boring I figured I’d try and post a different one each day. I have little room to actually keep most of the posters- so I will be selling the ones that are worth it and… doing something else with the worthless ones. So- let me know your thoughts on the posters.

I spent a ton of time looking at eBay and 95% of these are both not listed or sold.

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  • The title was changed to 2014-2017ish Store Posters are they worthless?

@ProtonX I was at sale some time ago and there was literally a room full of posters like this as well as the larger ones you see at GameStop. The person wanted way too much for each one and they all seemed to have some wear and tear. The 2 you have posted so far have been in much nicer condition than any of the ones that I saw. Very nice pieces!

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Generally the posters, promo and signage items from that era aren't as sought after or valuable yet. They haven't quite hit that point in the cycle of being old or scarce enough to warrant more attention and the big money that comes with that. Whereas anything that is first party and/or notable/popular and not shovelware pre Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox does. Still though, around 40-50 a piece depending on the type, franchise, condition and size of the item would be a reasonable, rough ballpark figure.

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Wish I had seen this thread sooner. I'd say the value of these is very dependent on how popular and well-loved the subject matter is. Anything related to Might No. 9 is reviled and worthless except to maybe the handful of people that like to collect stuff related to massively disliked franchises. Modern Star Wars Battlefront is similar, though not as bad. On the other end of the spectrum, Nier, Fallout, and Dark Souls are very well liked and therefore desirable. 

Keep me in mind if you decide to sell the Mighty No 9 and either of the Nintendo signage. 

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