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Lets play a game of grade my console

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Minty fresh! 🙄 🤮 

Kidding aside. It's not possible to grade higher conditions from pictures. Every flaw and its severity needs to be accounted for. For instance that cardboard delamination on the corner in the last picture. How long is the tear, how deep is it, how far is the corrugation separated, etc. From here it's impossible to see any light scratching or wear. Word can't be taken from strangers that there is none, because words like the above "minty" are thrown around and abused with abhorrent frequency. All's I can say now is that box looks awesome. Ir's very good. Which is in your favor. But in actual grading terminology "awesome" or "great" means fuckall and "Very Good" is below Mint, Near Mint, Very Fine, and Fine. Which your piece may well be but photographs, at least the low resolution available here, can't really show it. Sorry to put a damper on you, I've seen your other threads and I do think you have this in a condition that's "HTF", another exciting buzzword for what that's worth which is gum on the sidewalk, unless you can reach a confluence of hype on ebay or something, in which case you can soar high 🤷‍♀️ 

Straight number grades are bullshit, don't enumerate flaws as I mentioned, and exist to appease noobs, cash in on frenzy, and disregard nuance which is the essence of meaningful grading. 


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