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some one got lucky! (nes test station for 600)

Nes Freak

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and im pretty sure i know what the issue was too.   i hope whoever got it figured out how to fix it 😛

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5 hours ago, Estil said:

NES Test Station for 600?  Okay...

This device was used to test Nintendo games.  It was never meant to be sold to or used by the general public.

If you looked at the photos in the eBay listing, you'd see that it does far more than just test game paks (cartridges).  No, they weren't sold to or intended to be used by the general public, but they haven't exactly been available to anyone for close to 30 years at this point, so that's moot, isn't it?  Using the equipment wasn't exactly rocket science back then, and isn't now, so I'm unsure where you're going with that statement, as there are plenty of things, in our hobby as well as outside of it, that commonly end up in "public" hands that weren't meant to be there and yet aren't horribly misused, hurting people, etc.

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