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WataGames NES Populations Report

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Not sure if anyone noticed this but I spotted a "1" under 10 for "Karate Kid." I did not know a 10 was possible for the NES.



Does anyone believe there 9.8 A++ should've gotten a 10 but didn't because of a graders difference of opinion or no?

How much of a subtle difference is there between a 9.8 A++ and 10 A++?

Example: 7/8 corners are crisp, sharp, pointy. The other is more curved. Is this the defining factor?

Wata 10.jpg

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My understanding is the difference between a 10 and 9.8 is a matter of manufacturing accuracy. At this point there would be no damage. Instead it’s a matter of whitening on a corner vs no whitening (Eg where the cardboard folds). That sort of thing. 

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