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Frank the Fruit Fly box



The gnome thing for the celery game was not going to work. The speed of the gnomes got slower whenever the celery was moving and sped up again when he wasn't. I think that was a sign of me trying to put too much code into the game.

I was really bored yesterday. I decided to see if I could make a box for my Game Boy game. I got a template for a GB box. Yesterday I worked on the front and today I worked on the back. This is the front I designed:


I debated a long time against myself whether or not to put the official Nintendo seal on it or not. I ultimately decided not to. So after I made this front, I went to sleep. It was about 5 PM. I woke up at 8:30 AM the next day. I figure if I didn't need to sleep for 15 hours, then I wouldn't. Right? I worked on the back. Lots of text on the back, but I managed to put in two screenshots of the game in action.

So if the game ever gets published, this will be the box for it. This was made after I attempted to draw something similar and it ended up looking like some kid drew it. I don't know. I'm still bored.



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