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Those Quirky Q's



So I decided to hop to another project for now. I will return to the burger game later, especially if this game doesn't work out. I always seem to have trouble with Odyssey 2 games.

I was thinking about letters for a reason I forgot and q popped in my mind. Then I remembered reading about an Oric game called "Don't Press the Letter Q!" Then I researched the game, found a couple of YouTube gameplay footage and I thought I'd try to make something similar to the Odyssey 2. This is the beginning.


So if I keep doing this, what I want to have is 4 minigames, each 2k (one bank) strung together, kind of like the Oric game. I started the game with 9 q's on the screen. I tried to put 12 on but it wouldn't let me for some reason. So I decided to make the guy (the yellow face) start on the left hand side of the screen. His job is to get the 9 q's in a Pac-Man-style way. Trying to stop him is the Q hater (the red face), who relentlessly follows the guy on his q-getting quest.

When all the q's on the screen get collected, a new minigame will pop up. But since I haven't thought of a new minigame yet, the game just goes back to the beginning. I have a lot of room left in this bank, which is good because this is the bank where the title screen and stuff is also. I guess my mini game is a micro game. So I have around 800 bytes left to do something else. I may come back and use that space later on.

I had insomnia again, so I kept working on the game, thinking of how I'd do stuff while laying in bed with my eyes closed. Then, when a half-hour passed, I'd get up and work on the game for an hour and then go back to bed and try to sleep again. I eventually went to sleep at 3 a.m. with the Q collecting part of the game done.

12 hours later, I woke up and decided to continue work on the game. I thought I'd try to get the enemy in the game. I got the enemy moving around trying to chase the guy, but he was kind of dumb. So I tried again and improved the AI a lot.

Now I thought of another mini game: have a q pop up on the screen and have the q-hater chasing the guy who is trying to get the q. I wonder if I could fit this idea in that 800 bytes I have left?

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