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Visiting Multiple Chuck E. Cheese Locations




I visited two Chuck E. Cheese locations earlier in the month, both different than the one I visited in September and October.

You might be thinking "what is the point"? Well, much like player's towns in the Animal Crossing games, not all Chuck E. Cheese locations are the same. The games, the items in the Gift Shop, and, in some cases, even the layout differs, with some locations being bigger than others.

Exploring the different Locations


The first of these two locations that I visited is very similar to the location I visited in September and October, using an older Chuck E. Cheese logo from the "Avenger Chuck" era. The layout inside almost looks the same. The game selection, however, is very different. 

I visited during the restaurant's "Winter Winner-Land" event, which began in November. The windows were decorated with snowflakes, and there was a small Christmas Tree inside on the counter. It was busy and very noisy. There was also a Birthday Party going on.

Like the location I visited two or three months ago, I ordered a stuffed crust pepperoni pizza. It tasted pretty much the same here, and was not too bad. The Chuck E. Cheese pizza crust has a lot of flavor. I also ordered some Cheesy Bread (Bread sticks, basically), which came with some Ranch dip. For drinks, I got some orange soda.

Time to play some games. I used the blue Play Band that I got on my Birthday in October, which still had points on it:


Sonic Spinner


Wow, a Sonic the Hedgehog game in a Chuck E. Cheese. There's not much to this game. The images on the machine are from Sonic Adventure. After tapping your Chuck E. Cheese Card or Play Band, Sonic starts spinning. There's one button, which you press to make Sonic stop spinning. Once he stops spinning, the number that he points at on the machine is the amount of E-tickets that you get. That's about all there is to this game.

Pac-Man: Ticket Mania 


This game is pretty cool. It plays basically like the original Pac-Man, but has some added features. After clearing the maze, the game tells you to enter the pot (the box with the fruit in the middle of the maze). If you're able to get there, Pac-Man becomes super sized and swarms of ghosts and fruit fill the maze. You play for a bit longer, gobbling everything in sight. Then the game ends and goes back to the title screen. The machine itself looks cool, with animated images of Pac-Man and the ghosts on top. It also flashes in different colors.

Galaga Assault 


Until I played this game, the newest Galaga game I played was Galaga Arrangement which I've played for years in Namco Museum for GameCube. Galaga Arrangement, however, was originally released in Arcades in 1995 as part of Namco Classics Collection Vol. 1. This game is much more recent.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2017)


A Ninja Turtles game that is based on the 2012 Nickelodean cartoon series, but plays like the original Ninja Turtles Arcade game as well as Turtles in Time. Like those games, this game allows up to four players. There's a meter below your Turtles' energy meter. When it's full, your Turtle can use his special move. TURTLE POWER! 



Chuck E. Cheese's Sketchbook


This machine takes a picture of you. After that, it shows an animation of Chuck E. drawing you. He talks while drawing, saying things like "Uh-oh, my hand slipped!", "now to add the final touches!", or "you'll want to frame this one!". After Chuck E. is finished drawing, the machine prints your picture in black and white. Kind of similar to the Game Boy Camera.


I stayed for about an hour and half (probably a bit longer than that). After eating pizza and playing some games, it was time to visit another Chuck E. Cheese location.


It was getting late. I was a long way from home and needed to get back. While this location isn't too far from the previous location, there was lots of traffic and it took me about an hour to get here from the other Chuck E. Cheese. It looks like this location uses an even older Chuck E. Cheese logo. Though it wasn't fully lit, if you look closely you can see that it shows a bored-looking Chuck E.

Unlike the other location, this location wasn't busy. I'm sure there are busy days/evenings here, it just wasn't busy when I visited. There were only one or two families. This location is bigger, and has a different layout.

I only had one drink of orange soda at the other location, and needed a drink. Though there were about a thousand other places I could've gotten a drink, since I already wanted to visit this Chuck E. Cheese location anyway I went ahead and ordered some water. I was given a bottle, which was nice and cold. I sat at a table for a few minutes and drank my water. Like I said there was lots of traffic; I needed to relax for a bit.

Once again, the game selection was different and I used my Play Band (which STILL had some points on it). I needed to get back home, so I didn't stay here very long and only played two games (well, technically just one).

Chuck E. Cheese Photo Booth 


That's really all it is. Sort of like the Sketch Book Machine, but prints color pictures. It doesn't have an animation of Chuck E. drawing your picture, but he does appear on the screens as well as the printed pictures. You can go inside and sit, or stay outside of the machine and stand in the back. The border around the picture differs depending on weather you take the picture inside or outside. Either way, the pictures come out of a slot outside of the machine in the back.

After using the Photo Booth, I noticed Chuck E. (an employee dressed up as the character) was standing near the Photo Booth. There was no one else on this side of the restaurant (there was one family on the other side, near the kid area), so I said hi. He was wearing a Santa hat on one of his ears, which I liked.

Mario Kart 



This location has a Mario Kart Arcade game. This was one of the few Mario Kart games I hadn't played. Being developed by Namco, it also includes Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man in addition to the Mario characters. I raced on two tracks on 150cc, and got 1st place. This shouldn't be surprising to anyone who's played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on VGS game nights, or looked on my social media pages (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit).

That's about all I did at this location. I didn't have time to play any other games and needed to get back home. One of the other games I saw was H2Overdrive, a sort of sequel to Hydro Thunder. As I was leaving, I noticed this location had some Jumbo Cotton Candy. I didn't buy any since I already got some Cotton Candy at the location mentioned above, but perhaps that's a reason besides the Mario Kart game to come back to this location sometime.

Chuck E. Cheese App 


The Chuck E. Cheese website mentions that if you download the Chuck E. Cheese App, you can get 500 E-Tickets for free. So I downloaded it. At the first location mentioned above, I went to the Gift Shop, showed the lady the App, and got the Tickets. While some of the items here are different than the location I visited in September and October, there wasn't much that I wanted. Some of the items I already have (like a Chuck E. Plush), while others I wasn't really interested in. There was A LOT of Cotton Candy, and I noticed a sign on the counter saying you can get Cotton Candy for 500 E-Tickets. Like the location I visited a few months ago, there was blue and pink. I didn't really want Cotton Candy, but there wasn't really anything else I was interested in either. The lady mentioned I could get both in one (half and half), which I didn't know was an option. Previously I paid for the Cotton Candy and got blue and pink separately, but this time I used my bonus 500 E-Tickets from the App and got half and half Cotton Candy.



Visiting different locations of the same restaurant may not seem all that great, but in the case of Chuck E. Cheese it is interesting because of the different games. Someday, I hope can find a Chuck E. Cheese that has Cruis'n Blast (I like the Switch version, but you know...I want to play the Arcade version too).


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Recommended Comments

Clearly people don't care that my blogs take time, effort, and money to make. People here, anyway. Not surprising; I've already known for years that my efforts aren't appreciated. Here, that is.

Even so, I'll continue to make blogs, whether people like them or not, just like how I continue to take pictures, make videos, and travel because I've enjoyed doing those things for years.

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Came in to check out what is new at Chuck E. Cheese..... 😳

Sorry to see you're so disillusioned MegaMan52. I imagine it's very difficult to do the type of vlog you do, so I commend you for that. I think it would take a TON of work and practise with editing/production and finding a proper online presence in order to make it financially viable would be difficult.

Keep at it, I'm sure you will find your way. I have found the Chuck E. Cheese vlogs interesting. 

I would try to take a more positive approach, though, if you want to grow your channel/Chuck E Cheese Thread. 

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