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Back to the NES



It had been a while, but I decided to get back to programming my Stupidman game for the NES. We last left Stupidman heading to the grocery store to get some soap to kill Mr. Germ, his archnemesis, with. I decided to start the work on Act IV with wandering around a grocery store. It took a long time, like three or four hours, but I finally got Stupidman walking around a grocery store that looks a lot like the museum.


So why is there nothing in the grocery store? Well, there IS something: One bar of soap is left in the mostly empty grocery store. People have been freaking out and hoarding raisins. And you know people. When they hoard one thing, hoarding of other things are bound to follow. And that's why there's nothing in there. Except for the bar of soap that Stupidman has to find. The supermarket is about twice as big as the museum, but it's more straightforward. Things I need to do in order to finish Act IV:

  • put in the intro to Act IV
  • put in the bar of soap
  • compose and put in new music

But at least today I got started on it. I can't work on it any more because I'm tired because my head hurts. I guess I worked too much on it.

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