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Potato chips at the beach



Well, I went back to working on my Atari 2600 game after a few months. What was left? I added a sixth level, and what happens after you beat the sixth level. When you beat the sixth level, it will loop back to the first level. Not very much changes from level to level, I did that just for a change of scenery. After the third level, though, the onion rings are equipped with homing missiles, which is an attempt by me to make the game harder. Once you beat level 6, the missiles should stay homing missiles, so you'll be dodging onion rings and homing missiles while on level 1's background.


I tried to hide the fact that I couldn't make the trunk be up at the palm trees' leaves. I also fixed the sand levels so it is more "scaled".

I have around 145 bytes left. I decided to make this a 4k game, not because for a way to see what I could fit in just 4k, but also, I forgot how to bankswitch in Atari 2600 assembly. This is made using assembly.

Since the game loops, I guess the main goal is to get 9,999 points. It's 100 points per level, so you'd have to beat level 99 in order to do this. And if you do get 9,999 points, it SHOULD stay 9,999. Originally, it would just loop back to 0000 but that didn't seem very fair, so I changed it.


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