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I know now what I want to do.



Working on Frank the Fruit Fly for Game Boy again. It had been a few days I took off. Even still I forgot what I wanted to do next.

I went ahead and made a screen for level 3. I made a better saving game noise.


After much trial and error, I finally made the beginning to level 3. While it's not a screen you can lose health on, it's still a big step since I needed to continue the work on the beginning of level 3. I found that the game did not save health properly, so I think I fixed that as well. So what did I want to do on level 3 I forgot about?

A song! I need a new background song for level 3. I don't want to do this right now, so I think in a couple days I will make a new song. I'd like something that belongs in a desert level but not be an "old west"-style or that stereotypical Egypt piece of music. I've used both in my desert-themed levels for various games over the years, but I want something new. But at least the game works for now.

I need to look up what I did for the desert level of the Pokemon Mini version of the game for inspiration. Right now, 6 levels seems a bit short, so maybe I'll have 14 levels, plus 1 bank for the ending and game over things, and another bank for the title screen for a nice round (computer-wise) 16 banks.


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