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So I made a screen with a fire flower coming out of a block with a giant question mark on it. In Super Mario Bros. this is a common occurrence, but I don't know ahout other games. When you fly in the screen, you are in a race with a moth to see who gets it first. If you get to the fire flower first, you can just press A to shoot a fireball to melt an ice block and continue on. There is only one shot you can make though. This is due to me programming for hours and not figuring out a way to see if a block has been shot at yet or not. By shooting a block out, I'd be changing the value of a lookup table, so that was out of the question.

If the moth gets the fire flower, you can still exit the screen. The moth will shoot one fireball if you come close to it. It will also melt an ice block and you can pass the screen.


I am also wondering if I should let the player choose when to save as opposed to auto saving when a level is completed. Pro: player doesn't have to beat level to save. Con: player might forget to save before powering off. I'm torn.

I made a small adjustment to Frank's fruit fly body. I fooled around a bit with the way the sprite looked. I had a version with eyes, but that just looked creepy.

Despite my user name, I'm beginning to like Game Boy programming more than Game Gear programming. The ability to use C is a huge bonus for me.


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