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Push the button, Frank!



(Yes, it's an MST3k reference.) So I was having a hard time with the game. I actually announced I was giving up on it. But today, I took a long hard look at the game and code, and worked on it and discovered a few things I didn't know in the process. And now the game works correctly. Frank needs to go into the igloo and press the button inside to be able to pass the igloo. Right now if you pass the igloo, it just goes back to the title screen since I haven't programmed what happens after the igloo yet.


The game automatically saves your progress when you beat a level. Right now I'm working on level 2: The mountains. Level 1 is the "grasslands", a meadow. The levels aren't very long, due to all the different screens I have to put into each level, bank 1 is storing level 1, bank 2 is storing level 2, and so on. So I could go up to bank 7 level 7. I could go even higher but I don't want to have that much work for me to do.

  • level 3 - desert
  • level 4 - ocean
  • level 5 - forest
  • level 6 - caves
  • level 7 - castle

Kind of like Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland's levels, almost exactly. I'll have to have room for a good ending.


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