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I spent almost all of yesterday trying to fit all of the bgm I made into the game. I figured out I would need to put a couple of short tunes in bank 3, but otherwise they fit. I tried putting in a short 4-note noise but I couldn't get it to play without it being really scratchy. So before I went to bed and gave up for the day, I tried once more to put in the little victory tune, this time in bank 3. It played, but without the bass tones. So I tried to make some changes, and found out that if I took out the part that makes the display turn off and on, it played the whole thing, which is weird, but oh well. That was about 4 p.m. I went to sleep.

Woke up at about 1 a.m. I knew what I wanted to do next: make a game over tune that plays if the player loses all his lives. I did that quite easily when I put it in bank 3. I moved the game over screen code to bank 3 as well (it was in bank 0). Then I went back to sleep and woke up again. I remembered the game over sound didn't sound quite right (although I think it was just my ears) but nevertheless, I found a solution: subtract the lives number when the burger quit flashing. The burger begins to flash when it gets hit, and that's when I subtracted the life number. It left me wondering whether I should subtract the number of lives right when the burger gets hit, or wait a couple of seconds when the burger quit flashing. Right now, it's the latter which makes the game over noise sound better since there's a sound effect that plays when the burger gets hit.

I will take a little break now to think up of what I can do for an ending to the game. Or should I even have one? Should I make it so if the player gets past level 8 it goes back to level 1 again? Or should there be a definitive ending?


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