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Background music composing



So I've been busy composing little tunes for the background music for different levels. Each level will have its own song. For level 3, the snow level, for example, it will play my attempt at transcribing Winter Wonderland. The second part is really hard ("in the meadow, we can build a snowman/and pretend that he is Parson Brown...") so it may be a little off, but it sounds good, so I'm keeping it in.

I am figuring I should have enough room for two more songs in bank 1, but that'd be it. Right now I have 14% room in there, so if I were to make the two more levels I wanted, their BGM would be stored in bank 3 rather than 1. This is the layout of the ROM:

bank 0 - main game/boss level

bank 1 - music

bank 2 - level graphics data

bank 3 - empty (as of now), where I'll put the ending

I think I have enough room in bank 2 if I decide to put in a levels 7 and 8 for the graphics data for the level layouts. If not, there's always bank 3. It's funny, I was trying really hard to make a 1 megabit game (128 KB), but all I can do is .5 (64 KB). Not that I don't think I couldn't make a 1 megabit game, it's that I'd need a ton of stuff to fill in the game WITH.


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