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Keep it simple



So with GoSub finished I decided to go back to programming "Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland: Zurich In Reach" for Game Gear again. I looked at what I had. I thought to myself "That cave level looks too crowded and complex with all the colors." So I decided to simplify it. Now, normally when I (or anyone else, for that matter) simplify something, it usually looks more simple. But this time, I felt like simplifying the background was a good step to make it look better. This is what the cave level looks like now:


I had to put some foreground and background, both, in a level like this. So I made the background darker and the foreground lighter. I think it really gives the illusion that the background is farther away. If the Game Gear had layers, I could make the background move slower than the foreground to give it a parallax effect, but it doesn't, so I won't. But I think it still looks good either way.

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