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Keep it simple some more



One thing I wanted to do was change the name of the game. I wanted it to be shorter. "Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland: Zurich In Reach" is quite a mouthful (no pun intended.) So I made it simpler.


I think the title screen hamburger looks much better now. It should, since it is in lovely 4 bit color. And my name is in lowercase letters for a reason: To save space. It is made up in 10 8x8 pixel squares. If I were to capitalize the letters, it would be 11. And to make the burger more delicious looking, it needed to be bigger. So it won out over my name. I'm glad my name isn't some horribly long name like Winston Washington. But it is a pain to spell out r-e-a-d every time I need to give someone my name. Because it could be Reed or Reid. But oh well. And since I don't care if my name is capitalized or not, it's a good fit.

I also think the new name is not only shorter, it's just as wacky. I mean, hamburgers, flying. What can be more wackier than that? If this ever gets released with a manual, I'll still state that they're heading to Switzerland. I also think the background color of the title screen is peculiar as well. I mean, how many other games can you name that have a pale yellowish color on their title screen?

So now the name is "Flying Hamburgers" which is much easier to type and say.


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