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The Homebrew Game Club is a podcast about new games for old consoles. We're three friends exploring brand-new, original, aftermarket games for retro systems, as well as the quirky communities that create them. Each month we pick a game to play and discuss our experiences with it, on consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, and more. Find links to the podcast and social media at homebrewgameclub.com.

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Episode 9: Traumatarium and Phobos Dere

GET THE EPISODE HERE: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/aWwOwCvQzub The Game Club gets spooky with two GB Studio titles for Game Boy: bite-size dungeon-crawler Traumatarium and glitchtastic platformer Phobos Dere. Still need to play the games? Get Traumatarium here: https://horatiunyc.itch.io/traumatarium And here’s Phobos Dere: https://appsir.itch.io/phobos-dere-gb Our next Game Club pick is L’Abbaye des Morts for ZX Spectrum and other platforms. Find out more about the g

Episode 8: Dungeons & DoomKnights

GET THE EPISODE HERE: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/f7UxpEy7dub Nick and Bart crush some undead 8-bit skulls in Dungeons & DoomKnights, a "Zeldavania" action adventure for the NES. There's also a conversation about barbecue on the menu, and Nick finally reveals the origins of his cryptic internet handle, Dvertov. Still need to play the game? Grab it here: https://www.heromart.com/collections/dungeons-doomknights-collection Our next games are Traumatarium and Phobos Dere


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HBGC Interview: Jordan “Raftronaut” Davis

GET THE EPISODE HERE: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/8RIP7PI1qtb Nick and Bart talk with Jordan Davis about adapting his NES game Space Raft for an arcade setting, and what it’s like to get a homebrew game published on the Nintendo Switch. This interview was recorded live at the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on May 1, 2022. Raftronaut on Twitter: https://twitter.com/0000jordan Get Space Raft for NES: https://raftronaut.itch.io/space-raft-nes Or play it


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Episode 7: Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/ZZDcFQJATsb Bart, Conor, and Nick head to the tundra with Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure, a puzzle platformer for the NES. There’s also a lengthy debate about the ethics of using save states on emulated games, and an even longer, highly skippable (but hopefully entertaining) examination of the regional cuisine of Saint Louis, Missouri and its notoriously divisive pizza. Haven’t played the game yet? Get it here: https://www.spoonyba


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HBGC Extra: Ruby & Rusty Save the Crows

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/raLhXB7qJsb Conor and Nick discuss Ruby & Rusty Save the Crows, a charming platformer for the Game Boy Color that may or may not concern workplace discrimination and chronically traumatized birds (it doesn’t). Get the full game here: https://www.bitmapsoft.co.uk/product/ruby-rusty-save-the-crows/ Play the demo here: https://maxoakland.itch.io/ruby-rusty-save-the-crows Max Oakland on Twitter

Episode 6: Xeno Crisis

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/AKWfMYpYpsb The Homebrew Game Club takes on Xeno Crisis, a twin-stick shooter for the Sega Mega Drive. And loses, spectacularly. Get the game here, or on your platform of choice: https://shop.bitmapbureau.com/ The next game club pick is Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure for the NES. Get it here: https://www.spoonybard.ca/nes-games/alfonzos-arctic-adventure Music break: "Nest (Area 4)" by Savaged Regime. Free Xeno Crisis OST

HBGC Extra: Diamond Thieves

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://anchor.fm/homebrewgameclub/episodes/HBGC-Extra-Diamond-Thieves-e1jpjuf Conor returns to the podcast as the gang takes a look at Diamond Thieves, a new game for the Mega Drive and Genesis. Developed by Mangangá Team, Diamond Thieves is available through a joint collaboration between Mega Cat Studios and Video Game Sage. View the Diamond Thieves Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sks9sfC5atQ Order your copy of the game here: https://megac

Episode 5: Space Raft

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://anchor.fm/homebrewgameclub/episodes/Episode-5-Space-Raft-e1j2s65 Nick and Bart discuss Space Raft for NES and its remixed semi-sequel, Space Raft Arcade. Bart has no regrets about taking over the Discord with Atari 7800 talk, and Nick builds a badass flight simulator. Also: Hey, did those Beanie Baby collectors ever make money?? Still need to play Space Raft? Get it here: https://raftronaut.itch.io/space-raft-nes The next game club pick is Xeno Crisis

Midwest Gaming Classic 2022 Recap

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://anchor.fm/homebrewgameclub/episodes/Midwest-Gaming-Classic-2022-Recap-e1i14h8 The 2022 Midwest Gaming Classic is over, and Nick and Bart are tired. For more on the Midwest Gaming Classic: https://www.midwestgamingclassic.com/ Hair of the Dogcast: https://hairofthedogcast.libsyn.com/ Warren Davis' Q*Bert Book: https://www.amazon.com/Creating-Bert-Other-Classic-Arcade/dp/1595801057 Premium Edition Games Series 4 Direct (NES homebrew 10-in-1 an

Episode 4: NEScape!

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://anchor.fm/homebrewgameclub/episodes/Episode-4-NEScape-e1gibgb The Game Club talks NEScape!, an escape room game for the NES. Conor makes the point-and-click connection, Bart is happy he finally figured out Morse Code, and Nick's just glad to have had help on this one. View the HBGC full livestream playthrough on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/xnHryQBMcyE And our Bomberman playoff, if you're into that: https://youtu.be/TCh2HtmYXUo Still nee

Interview: Matt Hughson

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://anchor.fm/homebrewgameclub/episodes/HBGC-Interview-Matt-Hughson-e1g2laa The Game Club talks with Matt Hughson, developer of NES homebrew games Witch n' Wiz and From Below, as well as the upcoming From Below Pocket for Game Boy. While the discussion focuses on previous Game Club pick Witch n' Wiz, this is a great conversation for anyone interested in creating and marketing homebrew games, regardless of console. Matt Hughson's website: https://www.matthughso

Episode 3: Witch n' Wiz

GET THE PODCAST HERE: Homebrew Game Club Episode 3: Witch n' Wiz The gang talks about Witch n' Wiz, a puzzle platformer for the NES. Nick tries in vain not to swear, Conor confesses to a terrible mistake, and Bart has a particular room in mind where he'd like to play this one. There's also a bit about Reddit movies. Finally, Nick has a cautionary tale about giving your childhood stuffed animals away to high school filmmakers. Still need to play Witch n' Wiz? Get the full game here: htt

HBGC Extra: Retro-Inspired Indie Games

GET THE PODCAST HERE: HBGC Extra: Retro-Inspired Indie Games Nick has a story about losing his car keys. It's long, sorry.  Eventually, Nick and Conor talk about some of their favorite retro-inspired indie games. Let us know which ones we missed by yelling at us on social media or emailing homebrewgameclub@gmail.com. Our next game is Witch n' Wiz for the NES. Get it here: https://mhughson.itch.io/witch-n-wiz Games mentioned in this episode: Streets of Rage 4 Figh


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Episode 2: Deadeus

GET THE PODCAST HERE: Homebrew Game Club Episode 2: Deadeus The Game Club takes on handheld homebrew horror with Deadeus for the Game Boy, a great Halloween title we're talking about in January for some reason. Warning: Spoilers abound. The guys wrap up with a discussion of their favorite non-homebrew games of 2021. Got a different take? Share your experience with us at homebrewgameclub (at) gmail.com. Play Deadeus here if you haven't already: https://izma.itch.io/deadeus Break mu

HBGC Extra: The [Retracted] List of NES Homebrew Games

In this totally bonus, eminently skippable episode, Nick and Conor address a couple of wild days in the NES homebrew scene. Do you devour internet drama like it's hot popcorn? This episode is for you. GET THE PODCAST HERE: HBGC Extra: The [Retracted] List of NES Homebrew Games Seth Abramson's Top 100 NES Homebrews (archived version): https://archive.is/QCi8s Response to the list from Sole Goose (Beau Holland): https://www.solegooseproductions.com/?page_id=816


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Episode 1: Lizard

The Homebrew Game Club kicks off with enigmatic platformer Lizard for the NES, and contentious takes abound. Conor is perplexed by the soundtrack, Bart is scared and confused, and Nick wonders if his favorite homebrew game is an existential crisis simulator in disguise. Got a different take? Share your experience with us at homebrewgameclub (at) gmail.com. GET THE PODCAST HERE: Homebrew Game Club Episode 1: Lizard Get Lizard here: http://rainwarrior.ca/lizard/ The next game club p


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