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Game Boy Burgers



Well, let's see. We have Burgertime, we have...um...that's about it. Until now. I began a quest yesterday to see if I could port Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland to Game Boy. The game originally was on the Game Gear, and I made a Virtual Boy version, and I made an NES version. So now I am attempting this Game Boy version. It's really hard to draw a hamburger, a milkshake, and, well, just about anything using only 3 colors. That's the trouble I had with the Virtual Boy version. I worked on it some more today. Yesterday was hard, as I was attempting to put in some new code that would allow me to write text in the window.


I can't use white because it's apparently transparent. Except I made the clouds white without a problem. I wanted to make the burger's lettuce and the top of the milkshake white, but then I couldn't use another color if I did that. So this is what level 1 looks like. And, it scrolls! That's why I wanted text in the window: Because the window doesn't scroll. The "2" is the lives number and "3" is the score. To shoot out a French fry, press the A button. To pause it (like in the picture), press Start. Press it again to resume.

There is still a lot left to do, like make the milkshakes move up and down sometimes, and sound effects. I will attempt to put in some sound effects tomorrow. I find sound on the Game Boy to be quite hard.


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