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Sound is what all good video games should have. Sound is also hard to program on the Game Boy. But I managed to put some sound effects in my Game Boy game about hamburgers. I put in four sound effects:

  1. sound for the burger shooting
  2. sound for the milkshake shooting
  3. sound for the fry hitting an object
  4. sound for burger hitting an object

My game doesn't look any different from yesterday, but with these new sounds, it sounds a lot better. And with all these sound effects, they can all play at the same time if needed. But there are no channels left for music. But I hope that's okay because the player should be engaged with playing the game and have no need for background music. When I play Tetris, I always turn the music off.

I checked to see if my game was working on a real Game Boy with my Game Boy Everdrive yesterday. It does.


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