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The nosehair demon.



I put in the nosehair demon. He follows you around trying to get in your way. He can also collect boxes. When a box comes up on the screen, the nosehair demon stops persuing you and instead moves towards the box.


I made him white in order to be more visible. I think I'll redesign him though. It's hard to draw 8x8 pixel sprites.

I also made a title screen for the game. Nothing fancy, just the word "NOSEHAIR" and the score. I also put in a game over screen. This says "YOU DIED." for three seconds before returning to the title screen. Although I don't know why Uncle Hairy would die from having a nosehair be too long.

I made even more changes to make the game harder. The demon sped up, the nosehair's maximum speed is faster, and I did a few other changes I can't recall right now. I moved the score up more since it was being cut off on my TV. I often wonder why the exclamation mark that makes up many an Odyssey 2 title is not included in the group of characters. Yet a question mark and period are.

Yesterday, I went to the grocery store. Upon exiting the car, I slipped and fell on ice onto the concrete and scraped my right knee. So I had to go home. Today I went back to the grocery store because I needed food even more. Lucky for me, I didn't slip again. It was much warmer today than yesterday. But it still hurts when I walk sometimes.


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