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Uncle Hairy on Odyssey² again



So I tried Uncle Hairy's Nosehair on Odyssey² again. I think the trouble I was having was me speeding the addition to the cutting timer too much. So I slowed it down. This however made moving left and right seem fast. So I slowed down horizontal moving.

I tried what I had on a real Odyssey². A big problem was the nose flashing when the score was subtracting. After trying multiple things that made the program crash, I just told it to wait for the vsync to continue the score showing. Twice. Worked out rather nicely in the end, though.


So after hours of working I was up to the point I was in on the first attempt. I am getting really burned out, so I am going to take a break from this. When I come back to it, I will begin work on attempting to add in the nosehair demon from the 2600 version. By the way, on my NTSC TV, the color does not match this screenshot. The background is much more dark purple than hot pink. I guess it's an emulator issue.

I know I will have to put in extra collision code for the demon picking up the box since the BIOS collision code can only work on one item. In this case, I made it the scissors, since that touches the most things. Since the demon will not be, and box is not, scissors, I have to put in extra code for that. But I thought the Odyssey² could handle changing the score without forcing me to put in more code. It will be a challenge to program the rest of it, but since I'm this far in, it'd be a shame not to at least try to finish it.


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