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Sky blue



My sky was dark blue once. I changed it to a more appropriate shade of blue.


I also had a white fry. So I changed it to a yellow, shorter fry. I began work on level 1 of the burger game I started yesterday. This is all I have so far. That's because when I reset the game using the emulator, the clouds showed up on the title screen. Hours were spent trying to fix it, until at one point I got something correct: If I tell the clouds to disappear when the game starts, before all the stuff shows up on the title screen, even if there were no clouds on the title screen before, there would still be no clouds on the title screen.

How do I make a game larger than 24KB? I'm really struggling with this right now and I wish there was a forum dedicated to NES homebrewing so I can ask all these questions and get a response from someone who is knowledgeable about this kind of thing. I am also having trouble with the C compiler. Sometimes it says that parts of the code don't exist when they do. I figure it's a page boundary issue, but I can't do anything about it because I'm coding in C and pages are in ASM. I have been using Cheeseman's NES "Wedding" demo as a starting point for all this, but it was only 24KB. Pretty soon, I'll make a website so you can try what I have for the NES version so far.



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