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Your adventure awaits!



So yesterday I started on a new adventure: NES programming. It's really hard. But I feel I am learning a lot at a time. So I want to make a version of my Virtual Boy game on NES. Yesterday and today I worked on the title screen. I drew the sprites, I composed the music. So anyway, this is why I want NES music coders who are experts in FamiTracker to help out with this project.

Right now, the title screen has the title, along with the hamburger flock leader Zybort, which you can actually control on the title screen. You can do everything you can do in the game, even shoot out French fries. If you press start, a little animation plays and the screen goes blue. I did this on purpose because level 1 will be blue. I don't know if I can make it scroll or not, though, so it may just be a fixed shooter. (Hey. Galaga was.) Every time I compile it, it says some parts are "suspicious." I don't know what that means, but it works well with FCEUX. These hamburgers shoot out French fries at milkshakes.

My original hamburger was tiny, so I made it a 16x16 sprite, which means it is four sprites. The milkshake is 2 sprites, and the fry is 2. I may shorten the fry to just 8 pixels long to make room for the milkshakes that shoot out onion rings. Even then, the onion ring will be 8x8. I have so many questions I don't even know where to begin. Does a 16x8 sprite count as 1 sprite or 2 towards the eight pixel per line maximum? I got my start playing video games as a kid with the NES (unless the Commodore 64 counts, but only educational games), so I thought I'd just as well learn it. Last Christmas, I got a T-Shirt that said "Classically trained" with a picture of an NES controller on it. But after I was a kid, I learned what video games were like pre-NES. And I certainly don't like modern video games because they have no physical media (not to mention too complicated). I think the Switch is the last console I am buying.



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