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Game Gear work



For the first time since September, I worked on a Game Gear game. I worked on the sequel to HERTS, HERTS2. Level 7 is the forest. Amazingly, I spent more time trying to draw a forest than coding the part of the game that handles the forest. I think I got it working though. Now I just need to add some level-specific code, music and boss. I tried to put in a picture of a forest I found on the internet, but it had too many colors and too many tiles, so I had to draw one. The result, while I wanted to have an actual forest picture instead of this, but I have to take this.


I even had to take out a bush I had drawn in order to fit this in. Looks like something straight out of South Park, I know, but it's better than nothing. So level 8 will be a castle, and then I'll program an ending in and call it done. But hey, it's in color. Something the Game Boy can't do.


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