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ZipZap (f.k.a. Xybort)



So I changed the name of the Xybort game to ZipZap. And I worked on levels 3 and 4. I can't really think of anything else to do, so it may be finished. So I'm not releasing the final ROM because of piracy concerns (although I would be very flattered if someone were to pirate my games).

Level 3 has a yellow ball bouncing around a purple background (along with the usual UFOs) and level 4 has a desert theme with robots following your ship trying to get it. It is really hard to not crash into the robots while shooting at ships. And if you manage to beat level 4...well, you'll just have to see for yourself if the game ever gets released I also changed some colors, like the high score color, the ships' colors, stuff like that, so it looks pretty on all the different-colored background colors.

I got a new Odyssey 2 console in the mail yesterday. I love it. It has great joysticks that aren't stiff, both of them work, and my games work nice on them, which is way better than what I had. The right joystick wasn't even working, so I was unable to play two-player games by myself (I lead a sad, lonely life.)


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