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Another Return of Uncle Hairy



I was having trouble with this game getting the cutting just right every single time. An idea came to me as I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep. Make the Cutting variable the same as the PlayerY variable. This meant when PlayerY moved, so did the Cutting variable. And THIS meant setting a permanent variable for all of PlayerY's positions. Thankfully it wasn't as complicated as it sounds. It just meant to put in this code before exiting the Joystick code:


        lda #255
        sbc PlayerY
        adc #41
        sta NoseHairCutMark   


I of course had to ask for help with this, and I had to figure out that shifting the bits right and adding 41 would get the best value. I played a round of the game as it is now and it looks fine.


I have 4 bytes left to remove possible bugs if anyone finds any or change things. And looking at my code, it is exactly 2,000 lines long. For a 2k game. Oh well.


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