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Hamburgers for Intellivision



I decided to make a version of Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland for the Intellivision. I finished the Virtual Boy version on Christmas, and started this on January 10. Here is the title screen for it.


I've been working on this each morning and it is technically a game. You can die in it and there's a score. But there is much work to do. Instead of the milkshakes in the Virtual Boy version, the enemies in the Intellivision version will be different forms of vegetables. This may change:

- lettuce heads may shoot at you or may not.
- eggplants won't shoot at you.
- corn will always shoot.
- and of course, the extra life chicken nuggets will be back.

What will they shoot? They will shoot peas at you. But the burger is armed with an unlimited supply of French fries to shoot. And I will be adding some more levels and more stuff. Right now the first level takes place in Meat Meadow. Other places will include Sesame Seed Sea and Mayonnaise Mountain. And they're still heading to Switzerland. Why? It's a nice place.

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