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Level 3 - the desert.



The desert, complete with cacti and Giza-like pyramids, is the backdrop for level 3. I guess I should mention that when the level changes, the music changes and the chance of the milkshakes shooting you increasing. So unless I decide to add in another type of enemy, the main part of the game is complete. All I have to do is keep thinking of different places for the hamburgers to be flying around. But I think I will change something: The boss. I think I'll add in him moving up and down in the later levels. Perhaps starting with level 4. I just need to remember to do it when the time comes to put in level 4. I'm also at a loss as to how many levels there should be. I'm thinking a total of 10 would be a nice round number, and so a perfect game would be 1,000 points.


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