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Almost done with level 2



I put what I have on the website today. I started work on making some milkshakes be able to shoot onion rings. First I did it with every milkshake. Then when I had that done, I made it so only a few did it. The plan is the higher the level number, the higher percentage chance a milkshake will shoot onion rings. Leading up to the final level, where every milkshake will shoot at you. So I start level 2 with an about 1 in 8 chance. Then I found a bug about the onion ring going missing if you die in the boss section of the level. But I was able to figure out what was wrong (it only took an HOUR). Now that I know how to program it so either something always shows up or just slightly, I can now code in the chicken nugget power up which gives you an extra life.

I haven't coded this part in yet, but if the chicken nugget shows up, you need to touch it to get the extra life. Shooting at it just makes it disappear. So don't do that. You won't even get a single point if you do. I need to figure out a percentage chance that just feels right. I worked on this on my birthday which was today. A nice quiet birthday at home with plenty of cake is always good. I don't know when I'll add the chicken nugget in. I may just do it right before the entire game is completed, in which case I need to think of a background for level 3. i really like the concept and how the game is progressing, so I hope to get this project completed.


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