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#151 - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Taito)



I have seen all of the Indiana Jones movies, even the fourth one that everyone seems to want to forget ever happened.  I watched them all just once, all in a row, probably 10 years ago or more by now.  It was so long ago that I forgot pretty much everything from any of the movies, but not so long ago that I remembered that I enjoyed this one the most.  That seems to fall in line with the consensus of the series.  This movie had to have been well loved because the NES ended up with two video game adaptations of the movie, both bearing the name of the film.  These aren’t just label variants, but two completely different games.  They are distinguished by the publisher, so this game is considered the Taito version and the other is the Ubisoft version.  While the comparison between those two may be more interesting, I can safely say I enjoyed this one more than Temple of Doom, at least.


Full Review: #151 - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Taito)



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Great review. Always enjoy these and this is a game I have been wanting to get to. I really like the ubi version and it seems unanimous this is the better game. 

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I had this growing up.  I'd never seen the ending till just now.  I would get lost in the castle forever, and only complete the slide puzzle once every ten tries. On the rare times I'd get to the grail room, I never picked it right... they look too much alike!  Your play through blew my mind, it looked so easy and fast!

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