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Nintendo DS Video Game Master Set



This is the complete Nintendo DS Video Game Master Set:

  1. 4 DS's/DS Lite's/DSi's/DSi XL's (any colors)
  2. 4 pairs of DS headsets
  3. 4 DS battery chargers
  4. 4 DS AC adapters
  5. 4 Pokéwalkers
  6. 4 DS stylus pens
  7. 4 DS Rumble Paks
  8. 4 128-in-1 Nintendoverse game cards
  9. 4 DS Game cards cases
  10. DS instruction manual
  11. DS Consumer Information and Precautions booklet
  12. DS manual bag

Edited by Mario_Friend1982
Increased the number of Nintendoverse games by 1.

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4 hours ago, OptOut said:

What about the official Nintendo DS bluetooth keyboard (x 4).

It's not a part of the master set

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Ok, I know this was asked on one of the first of these “Master Sets” but can someone give me explicit detail on what these are? I saw @Splain mentioned years ago that he intended to do this, but I’ve tried to Google this question and I haven’t gotten any answers.

What is this exactly and why does each set contain some unlicensed x-in-1 bootleg cart?

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The Nintendo DS Video Game Master Set is a set of DS hardware and software as defined above.

It is a creation of Mario_Friend1982; any and all changes/updates must be approved and made by Mario_Friend1982.

I'm guilty of being cheeky about it in the past, but that's the complete definition.

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If there's one thing about inside-joke humour on NintendoAge and now VGS, it's that it's all very, VERY deeply inside. 

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