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Metal Gear Solid PS1 (pt.6)



Ocelot... You'll pay for that. 

Yet another fun little thing the game does is sneaking a bomb into your inventory when you get your gear back. I happened onto it as I was swapping to my thermal goggles for the minefield outside, and was once again reminded of how many little touches the game has which put it above and beyond just an average action/stealth game. It's all the little things that really cement the series into your memories, even years after playing. 


I was a fool. I wanted to be a soldier. 

Watching all of the cutscenes and paying full attention to the codec conversations while vaguely remembering the main plat points has given me a new appreciation for the subtle hints that the game provides to players.

For example, I recall that Naomi is actually the one who injected Snake with FOXDIE, and her reasoning is primarily revenge on Snake for killing her adoptive brother Frank Jaeger (Gray Fox, Cyber Ninja); watching as she learns over the course of the game that Snake isn't actually all that bad, and even had reverence for his one-time mentor and eventual enemy on the field, she starts to feel pretty shitty about the whole "dooming Snake to a painful death" thing (not even realizing yet that in MGS4 its revealed that he's slowly turning into an actually unmitigated walking biological weapon). Phew that was a mouthful, pardon me, I might be a bit too into the series. 


Play it by ear. 

You know I actually forgot just how long it was between the first and second Sniper Wolf encounters, especially when you watch all the cinematic and whatnot. Here I am on the roof, pretty sure I'm about to fight the Hind H with Liquid Snake in it, and I've realized that for some reason I thought the Sniper fights were basically back to back. It must be because the last time I played all those years ago I must have been skipping everything, so it all felt close together. 

I think I used to beat the game in just a few short hours, but I'm rounding out at about 4 or 5 now, coming up on the Hind fight. I'll get there again though, this playthrough is for the story. 


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