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Designing Men



Well, man anyway. (Although I'm fat enough to be considered two men.) I did it. I designed the final level of Ugly Uppity Umpire for Game Boy. Now it has 50 levels. I started last October, so it took about a year of off and on work to design them. Like about one level per week. Although I made the last two levels today. Now what I need to do is make some sort of ending and I'd like to put in a Super Game Boy border. I have room enough to do both since I have two unused banks left.

It's been a lot of work, but I accomplished my dream: Programming a game on a console I grew up playing. After a crappy NES game, I think I have the hang of making GB games with C. Too bad Frank the Fruit Fly never got published. Hopefully my choice of not using a battery for Ugly Uppity Umpire will pay off and I can get it published somewhere.

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I hope you can get something made! Are you hoping to do a cartridge release? You should post in the Share forum. You can promote a project, get advice or help, just chat about programming. Lots of people here are interested and/or involved with homebrew and it's a supportive community. 

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