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The Wasp Woman (part 1)



"Ant-Man and the Wasp" this isn't (although this one is probably better.)

I was curious. Whether or not I could rip movies from those DVDs various cheapo companies sell with dumb movies on them. It took a little over two hours to rip a 70 minute long movie with Handbreak. It's for my latest project: "Chris Makes Fun of Movies." This is like MST3k, only with audio commentary instead of shadow-rama. It takes a fair bit of work. I'm doing this in 10-minute or so long intervals. I record myself watching the movie for the very first time. I don't know anything about the movie. The test here is to test my ad-lib and thinking of funny things to say on the spot. Then comes the hard part: Syncing my ten-minute or so long commentary with what I was seeing on the screen.

I'm about ten minutes into a film from 1960. Roll that beautiful bee footage! I've yet to see the title character. I may or may not put this on YouTube. I don't know about copyright, but I think if these old stupid movies are being released by these companies, they had better be in the public domain, or else all these studios would come after these small companies putting out these cheapo boxed sets. I got a couple of boxes of these, one says "100 Sci-Fi movies" with the intent of doing this, but never did until now. If I don't put them on YouTube, I guess I'll mail them free of charge for anyone who wants them.

The thing is, I can only do the short ones, about 70 minutes long or so. I'm working with Pinnacle Studio so I can design the DVD menus as well. So we'll see how this goes.

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