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The Wasp Woman (part 2)



So I'm about a half an hour into the movie now and nobody has been attacked violently yet. It seems like there's little plot among the bee/waspkeeping footage and the business company part where people smoke a whole bunch. I can't believe there was a time where people smoked at work.

The plot so far is this: There's this old guy who is working with wasps, and he creates a serum that, if injected, makes people look younger. He writes a letter to an (apparent) CEO of a cosmetics company, and she invites him up. He shows her his experiments and she is so impressed, she hires him on. I'm shortly after the part where the serum gets perfected and she gets injected a couple of times.

I'm curious on the scientific side of this. How can wasp jelly actually make people look younger? I guess it's one of those "watching the movie when thinking about it makes it nonsensical so just forget about it" movies. This is really a dorky movie, and seeing the name Roger Corman (director of several movies riffed on MST3k) didn't exactly get me really enthused to see it. I'm surprised Tom, Crow, and Joel/Mike/Jonah haven't done this one yet.

Work continues on syncing my comments to the onscreen action continues. It's really hard to do because my computer plays the footage back slowly on the software I'm using. I guess it's because my computer is 7 years old and I should probably get a new one but I'll wait until it dies completely before I do. Or maybe it's because there's too much of it (the whole thing is 72 minutes long). If I watch a movie, I need to do it like a soap opera because my attention span can't handle a movie and I'll get real fidgety and want to do something else.

So I'll continue work on this tomorrow.


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