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Waffles return



Four years ago, I made an Intellivision game called "The Secret Government Waffle Project." So now in the midst of a boredom attack, I thought of a rhyming phrase "awful waffles." Then I thought, "That would make a good subtitle for a sequel of The Secret Government Waffle Project!" So I did.

For those of you wanting a butt update, here it is. The doctor was running half-an-hour late. I wanted out. So I didn't tell him about it. And then I had to wait another half hour to get my blood test done. Doctor said he's going to test me for diabetes. I thought that was what I was taking a pill for so I wouldn't get it. Oh well. And my blood pressure is up. Barf. If it's still there 6 months from now, I'll tell him at the next appt.



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