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Banana jokes.



I am in the middle of trying to go to sleep. I don't really like it when I am trying to go to sleep and I suddenly think of something and I have to get up and type it or write it down somewhere so I don't forget it when I wake up. But I was really wanting to continue work on my banana joke book. The problem was I was having trouble thinking of jokes that had to do about bananas after 21 pages' worth. Well, one idea led to another and suddenly I had 2 more pages completed. Here is a banana sampling of the work I did just now.

What does a banana use to defend himself?

What Canadian province has the coldest bananas?

Which game show has the grand prize of a bunch of bananas?
Family Food.

Why did Isaac Newton like bananas?
They didn’t fall on his head.

By the way, if you know of a company that can print one-offs of books (or a couple-offs?) let me know. I tried to make the pages the same size as a paperback. When I want to resume work on this, I will start on page 24. My goal is 100 pages. I'm about 25% there!


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