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  1. Looking for sonic blast man 2 and knights of the round snes carts. Thanks guys
  2. Bump found the turbo games now I need a net yaroze console!
  3. looking for a ps1 black net yaroze console. Please message me if you have one. I’m a very serious buyer and have cash ready.
  4. Sold Wasbi a game and it couldn’t have gone smoother. Fast payment, good communication, and a very friendly member to deal with. i hope to deal with Wasbi in the future.
  5. Looking for the following games. Please let me know what you have and we can make a deal. SNES Cartridges-1. Final fight 32. Space megaforce 3. Magic sword4. Phalanx 5. Run saberGenesis CIB/CB2. Thunder Force 3 CIB or CB3. Earthworm Jim CIB or CB4. Mega turrican CIB or CB5. Revenge of Shinobi CIB or CB6. Lost world jurrasic park CIB or CB7. Gargoyles CIB or CB8. Steel empire CIB or CB9. Zero wing pal CIB or CB10.Twin hawk pal CIB or CBGenesis manual only 1 Atomic runner manual only 2. Toe jam and earl manual only3. Bio hazard battle Manual only 4. Sparkster manual only 5. Arrow flash manual on
  6. I bought a couple of snes carts from Bardoly over on the Neo geo forums. He is a very good seller and I can’t speak more highly of him. ( this is “metal slug vet” from NG forums)
  7. Bump would love some ngdev team English AES games.
  8. Bump just got baseball stars 2 and king of monsters 1 and 2 . Still have money to burn so let me know what you have
  9. Hello guys, ive decided to sell some of my stuff off, everything listed has been tested and checked for authenticity. Shipping is not included in the price but will be shipped at cost. 1. supergrafx mint console complete with original AC adaptor, Av chords, and original controller that works perfect. Both the cd port cover and cover next to controller port is included. Console is not modded and works great. $475 2. snes carts ( all authentic, have pcb board pics taken pm me to see them and more detailed pics/close up of labels)
  10. Bump bought both aero fighters 2 and viewpoint . Been a good week keep em coming guys. If you have an English game not listed ask me anyhow I may want it.
  11. Just sold my nam 75 censored version and bought a near mint nam 75 uncensored. Need this lucky streak to keep going! Sell me your games I’ll pay fair prices!
  12. Bump just bought top hunter and spin master. Still looking for games! Thanks
  13. Hey tanooki, rereading my post It was kinda a mess. I meant protecting compete in case (cic) games and not loose games. You know how the stickers on the cd case get worn from shelf use? I was wondering if anyone had a good idea to keep them looking good. I only have one loose game which is turrican if anyone has a case only or case and manual only message me! Thanks tanooki
  14. So I’ve got around 60 hu card games. Over the years I’ve noticed that the sticker end labels wear rather easily. I bought a turbo everdrive and am looking for some way to protect these games as I won’t need to open them up to play them now.. Of course I looked at those plastic Cd protectors first but I’m worried the sharp edges of the plastic may indent or mark the sticker. ( especially if they are tight on the shelf) I’ve also considered the cd bags for this reason..What do you use to protect your turbo/pc engine hu card games ? These games have shot up in value recently and I want
  15. I’ve got an extra copy of nam 1975 cib censored version. I’d let it go for 150 plus shipping.. message me if interested.
  16. 1. Snes carts only -final fight 3-space megaforce -phalanx 2. Genesis games cib or box and cart -truxton -thunder force 3-mega turrican -earthworm Jim -ghouls n ghosts-Alicia dragoon -revenge of Shinobi -steel empire-vapor trail-splatterhouse 33. Turbografx - turbo duo pad ( controller)-bomberman cic - last alert cic - riot zone cic - nexzr summer carnival 93pce -psychosis case and manual -turrican case and manual 4. n64 carts- -doom 64 -rampage world tour -conker bad fur day Thanks!
  17. Bump pics added and model one sega cd sold.
  18. Doctor encore is a fantastic guy and an even better doctor! Buy his items now!
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